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Electromagnetic shielding film laser cutting equipment-UV picosecond laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-07

In recent years, due to the vigorous development of consumer electronics, automotive electronics and 5G industries, the demand for electronic components has increased sharply, and the demand for electromagnetic shielding films, which are the core components of FPC, has gradually increased. Electromagnetic shielding film is a metal alloy-based shielding body made of special materials that effectively suppresses electromagnetic interference, and is usually attached to the surface of FPC products. Due to the market's requirements for the high-frequency and high-speed development of FPC, the requirements for electromagnetic shielding films are getting higher and higher. The editor today mainly introduces a device that can be used for high-precision cutting of electromagnetic shielding film-ultraviolet picosecond laser cutting machine. This device uses a picosecond laser, high-precision energy control, and the heat affected area is very small and basically no heat. The melting zone can realize 'cold' processing, which is an ideal cutting method for electromagnetic shielding film.

Recommended model: picosecond laser cutting machine

UV leather Advantages of laser cutting machine for cutting electromagnetic shielding film

1. The picosecond laser has good beam quality and small focus spot; small heat-affected zone and small slit width of electromagnetic shielding film; controllable depth, strong flexibility, and small size Cutting

2. It can cut any shape, only need the computer to set the graphics, you can efficiently complete the refined cutting of the electromagnetic shielding film

3. Automatic positioning cutting, automatic loading and unloading, cutting Fast speed, simple operation, saving labor cost

4. Non-contact cutting method, no stress, avoid surface damage

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