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Do you know the error range of laser cutting machine processing accuracy?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-01

The processing effect of the laser cutting machine is actually very good, so you can rest assured to use the laser cutting machine for processing work, but after the laser cutting machine is used for a period of time, many factors will cause the processing accuracy of the laser cutting machine to appear A certain decline, so do you know about the machining accuracy error of the laser cutting machine?

The processing accuracy of laser cutting machines is currently the main standard parameter used to measure the quality of machine tools in the industry. Sales personnel will have specific descriptions of the processing performance of the products in the equipment sales link. The machining accuracy is mostly within the error range of 0.5MM. Of course, a few manufacturers provide high-precision laser cutting machine tools with a machining accuracy of 0.3MM. However, in general, there is still a certain error range in the cutting accuracy, which is what we call the processing scale tolerance.

The processing of the laser cutting machine is based on the design of the company's cutting drawings, and the general part cutting drawings have clearly marked tolerance areas and values, taking into account the cutting parts The position of the tolerance zone cannot be the same. In the actual cutting process, a variety of technological means may be used to eliminate the above tolerance zone.

In the programming of laser cutting machine processing, if the methods and techniques are used properly, it is of great significance to ensure and improve the processing accuracy of CNC machine tools. Many dimensions of the parts are marked with tolerances, and the position of the tolerance zone can not be consistent, and the CNC program is generally compiled according to the contour of the part, that is, according to the basic size of the part, ignoring the influence of the position of the tolerance zone. In this way, even if the precision of the CNC machine tool is very high, the processed parts may not meet its dimensional tolerance requirements.

In terms of processing methods and methods, you can first consider using radius compensation to compensate for the impact of cutting tolerances. This type of method is relatively simple for actual cutting operations. The specific idea is to still use the basic size in the laser cutting machine The programming is executed on the control system, that is, the calculation and programming are still based on the basic size of the part, and the same turning tool is used to machine various external circles, and different tool radius compensation values u200bu200bare used when machining dimensions with different tolerance zones. In this way, you must first know the radius of the tool tip arc (the machining track of this part is parallel to the X axis and Z axis, you don't need to know the radius of the tool tip arc), so it is inconvenient to use, and it can only be applied to some CNC systems.

The above process method may be relatively complicated in the later cutting operation. If the size of the cut piece can be appropriately modified according to the drawing requirements in the early stage of cutting, it is also feasible to eliminate the influence of the tolerance area. The specific idea is to change The basic size and tolerance zone position; the implementation aspect is to adjust the basic size and tolerance zone position under the premise of ensuring that the limit size of the part remains unchanged.

Generally adjust according to the symmetrical tolerance zone, the basic size and tolerance after adjustment. The programming is carried out according to the adjusted basic size, so that the same turning tool and the same tool compensation value (the processing path in this example is parallel to the X axis and Z axis, and the tool compensation is not required) can ensure the machining accuracy. Of course, if the parts need to be finished (such as fine grinding) in the end, the basic size can also be slightly enlarged (at this time, the tolerance zone is asymmetrical) in order to ensure sufficient grinding allowance.

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