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Do you dare to live by laser cutting steel plates and splicing them into houses?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-08

Laser cutting machines to process steel plates or steel pipes have been widely used in steel construction, but there is such a house abroad that uses laser cut steel plates as the skin to assemble different shapes of steel plates like jigsaw puzzles.

Such a hard and sturdy building, cleverly integrated into the surrounding environment, presents a poetic atmosphere.

The exterior of the small house is made of reddish-brown steel, which naturally blends into the surrounding green environment. The laser cutting process is used to cut various exterior wall veneers to different sizes, and then assemble them.

Because of the flexibility of laser cutting machine processing, the shape of the steel plate can be processed arbitrarily according to requirements, which also leaves more room for the design of the small house, and the final effect of the small house is also amazing.

In addition, another highlight of the small house is the perforated steel plate. In the daytime, this perforated plate allows sunlight to enter the room and facilitates ventilation; at night, light can pass through The perforated panels cast mottled light and shadow in the garden, making the building more poetic.

Steel plate punching like this is also the strength of laser cutting machines. Take the HG Laser MARVEL12000W laser cutting machine as an example. It can process 1mm thick stainless steel plates with a maximum speed of 1200 holes per minute, which effectively improves the processing of steel plates. efficient.

The advantages of metal laser cutting machine processing are mainly reflected in the fast processing speed, high precision, and strong flexibility. In the home decoration industry, porous metal plates like this are becoming more and more common, which also makes laser cutting machines in It has been widely used in steel construction and home decoration.

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