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Detailed introduction of the applicable scope of thin plate laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-14
Thin plate is a material often used in traditional industries, and this material has been widely used in many fields. However, in the cutting of thin plates, we often encounter such and other problems. For example, the toughness of thin plates is very poor. In the process of cutting with traditional mechanical cutting machines, the phenomenon of thin plate fracture often occurs, and even the surface of the thin plate will appear. The problem of fracture and blistering, now a new type of laser technology can realize the free cutting of the thin plate without touching the surface of the thin plate without any damage to the surface of the thin plate. Today we will mainly introduce this new type of laser equipment, thin plate laser cutting machine.

   Thin Sheet Laser Cutting Machine is mainly suitable for cutting a variety of non-metallic and metallic thin sheets. Now some pipes of this material can also be cut by this machine. Of course, in addition to this, you can also perform punching and other hollowing out on these metal materials. Such a multi-functional mechanical steel processor is also irreplaceable by many other products. Thin aluminum plates, thin zinc plates, and other thin plates with a thickness of less than three millimeters, which are more common in the metal market, can be cut by this machine, and non-metallic materials such as ceramic sheets, which are more common in the market, can also be cut. Use a laser cutting machine for non-contact drilling and cutting

   There are two types of thin plate laser cutting machines in the laser market today, one is a cutting machine with relatively low efficiency, and the other is a cutting machine with relatively high efficiency. The scope of application of these two cutting machines is also different, like general cutting machines with lower power are more suitable for cutting some small-sized metal products, and the time used in the cutting process is relatively long, for some Tasks with relatively low cutting requirements can use this cutting machine for cutting. However, some imported cutting machines with relatively large power on the market generally have an advantage in this efficiency. This type of cutting machine is more suitable for cutting some large-format materials. On the other hand, some products that require relatively high cutting precision often use this kind of machinery for cutting.

   Above we have introduced the basic performance of the thin plate laser cutting machine and its practical application range. Different types of cutting machines are suitable for different types of cutting requirements. People's actual needs for cutting are different. We can choose different types of products according to our actual situation. Of course, when choosing different types of cutting machines, our own actual economic situation is also.
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