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Comparison of fiber laser cutting machine and CNC machine tool

by:VENTECH     2022-01-25

The processing technology of fiber laser cutting machine is mainly to cut the plate into the required workpiece, and use the heat energy of the laser beam to realize this series of operations. The CNC machine tool is a machine tool that realizes automation after the program is installed, so that the machine tool can complete parts processing. What is the difference between the two before and after, which technical machinery is more advantageous, the following article will explain in detail for everyone, let's take a look together.

  1. The fiber laser cutting machine can complete the processing of very complex structural parts. You only need to draw any pattern on the computer and the machine can complete the processing.

  2. The former does not require molds, computer-made patterns, products can be made immediately, realizing rapid development of new products, and saving costs. But CNC machine tools can't do it.

  3. Some complicated crafts and crafts that require precision cannot be completed by CNC machine tools.

  4. The surface is very smooth, and the product grade is very high. This is accomplished by the fiber laser cutting machine.

  5. It has a tracking system, so it can complete plane cutting and non-planar curve cutting.

   6. Some shaped boxes need to be processed with holes and grooves, which cannot be processed by CNC machine tools, but fiber laser cutting machines can do it.

  To summarize the points explained in the article, the difference between fiber laser cutting machine and CNC machine tool, you can generally understand the difference between the two machines and which one has more advantages between the two, I hope that the article will explain The content of is helpful to everyone, and it will be helpful to everyone in the future purchase.

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