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Buying equipment can’t just look at 'the price of a laser cutting machine'

by:VENTECH     2022-03-08

When buying equipment, many customers only care about 'how much is the price of a laser cutting machine?' This is a wrong view! The price of equipment is often related to its own processing requirements, so we have to figure out our processing range before we can choose our appropriate equipment.

   One, you must first figure out your company’s production scope, processing materials and cutting thickness, etc., so as to determine the model, format and quantity of the laser cutting machine to be purchased, so as to simplify the later procurement work The foreshadowing. The application areas of laser cutting machines involve mobile phones, computers, sheet metal processing, metal processing, electronics, printing, packaging, leather, clothing, industrial fabrics, advertising, crafts, furniture, decoration, sheet metal processing and many other industries. The mainstream on the market is 3015 and 2513, that is, 3 meters times 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters times 1.3, but the format is not a problem. Generally, companies will have many formats for customers to choose from, which can be customized.

  Second, professionals conduct on-site simulation solutions or provide solutions, and at the same time, they can also take their own materials to the manufacturer for proofing.

  1, the cutting seam is fine: the kerf of laser cutting is generally 0.10mm-0.20mm;

  2, the cutting surface is smooth: whether the laser cutting surface has burrs or not; general In other words, the YAG laser cutting machine has some burrs, which is mainly determined by the cutting thickness and the gas used. Generally, there are no burrs below 3mm. Nitrogen has the best effect, oxygen has the second best effect, and air has the worst effect. The fiber laser cutting machine has few or no burrs, the cutting surface is very smooth, and the speed is very fast.

  3, look at the deformation of the material: the deformation of the material is very small

  4, the size of the power: For example, most factories cut metal sheets below 6mm, so there is no need to buy high power The laser cutting machine, 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can meet the production needs. If the production volume is large and you are worried that the 1000W efficiency is not as good as the high-power laser cutting machine, you can choose to buy two or more low- and medium-power laser cutting machines. This is helpful to manufacturers in terms of cost control and efficiency improvement.

  5. The core parts of laser cutting: Are lasers and laser heads imported or domestically produced? Imported lasers generally use more IPG, and domestically produced ones are generally more Raycus. At the same time, Also pay attention to other parts of laser cutting, such as whether the motor is imported servo motor, guide rail, bed, etc., because they affect the cutting accuracy of the machine to a certain extent. One thing that needs special attention is the cooling system of the laser cutting machine-the cooling cabinet. Many companies directly use household air conditioners for cooling. In fact, everyone knows that the effect is very bad. The best way is to use industrial air conditioners, dedicated for special machines. In order to achieve good results.

  Any piece of equipment will be damaged to varying degrees during use, so in terms of repairing after damage, whether the repair is timely and the cost of the repair has become a problem that needs to be considered. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to understand the company's after-sales service through multiple channels, such as whether the maintenance fee is reasonable and so on.

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