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Bio valve (bovine pericardium, porcine pericardium) laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-30

Bovine pericardium refers to the biological valve made from the envelope on the surface of the bovine heart. The pericardium refers to a biological valve made of the envelope on the surface of a pig heart. It is a repair material for cardiovascular surgery and is mainly used in medicine to replace patients with severely diseased heart valves. Valves on the market are mainly divided into two categories, mechanical valves and biological valves.

The mechanical valve has a longer lifespan, but it will not be metabolized by the human body, will not be worn, and is incompatible with the human body. The patient is required to take the medicine for life. The biological valve has soft flaps, and because it is a biological thing, after it is placed in the human body, it does not cause serious damage to the blood, does not need to take anticoagulants, does not need to be tested regularly, and has no related complications. It is widely used in medical cardiovascular surgery.

The editor will introduce today a biovalve laser cutting machine, a cutting device specially used for biovalve porcine pericardium and bovine pericardium. This model is a customized model specially developed by Zhite Laser for the medical industry. It is a high-value-added product. It cuts accurately and accurately slices the biological valve. The biological valve laser cutting machine has high cutting efficiency and small heat-affected zone. There is no damage to the cut body, no burr formation, beautiful and firm cut seams, high flexibility in cutting processes of different shapes and thicknesses, good biocompatibility and mass production. This model can also be used for precision cutting of various other medical non-metallic materials.

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(This model is a customized model for biovalve cutting, there is less information on the website, if you need more information, please contact customer service)

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