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Auto lamp TV lens injection nozzle cutting equipment-nozzle laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-12

Lens is a kind of optical mirror in car lights. It is usually made of PC material and functions to gather optical fibers. After use, the light source has the advantages of uniform brightness, strong penetrating power, and small light loss. It is usually used in xenon headlights. However, after the injection of the lens is completed, a cutting process will be required to cut the extra nozzle. The editor today introduces a device for lens nozzle cutting-nozzle laser Cutting machine

Nozzle laser cutting machine, also known as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, uses the principle of laser cutting to cut the nozzle part of the automobile lens with smooth and flat edges , High cutting precision, accurate positioning, high cutting efficiency, it is a high-quality choice for the cutting of automobile TV lens nozzle. And the company also provides customized services, whether it is equipment work surface, height, cutting power or supporting automation equipment such as robotic arms, etc., it can be customized according to needs: it can cooperate with the relevant parameters of the injection molding machine to achieve an integrated process from injection molding to cutting.

Recommended model: Nozzle laser cutting machine

Model features:

1. The working table of the model is 900*600mm, which can meet most of the nozzle cutting requirements

2. The model is equipped with high-quality co2 laser, with stable light source, Long lifespan

3. High cutting efficiency, can efficiently complete the cutting of lens nozzle

4. Equipped with servo motor, fast cutting speed and high accuracy

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