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Application and comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various CNC cutting machines

by:VENTECH     2022-03-11

With the emergence of new technologies, digital control has also benefited the field of cutting machines. CNC cutting machines can match higher work efficiency, higher accuracy, and use graphics and intelligence to complete the previous manual cutting. In the future, all types of cutting machines must be equipped with CNC cutting to complete complex cutting work. It reduces material waste, increases dimensional accuracy, is more convenient and flexible, and has huge market potential. CNC cutting machines are mainly divided into the following categories.

1. Laser CNC cutting machine

This cutting technology is considered to be the mainstream in the cutting field in the future. Its speed is very fast and uses laser physical cutting. The method can achieve unprecedented precision, but it is in the exploratory stage before large-scale application. At present, the price is relatively expensive, the scope of use is relatively narrow, and the requirements for materials are high. In the field of precision processing, laser CNC cutting machines are no longer replaceable. .

2. Plasma CNC cutting machine

The cutting technology of CNC plasma cutting machine has been applied on a large scale. It is almost all-encompassing in the field of sheet metal, and its efficiency is not as good as laser Cutting Machine. However, this kind of cutting equipment also has certain limitations. It will bring harmful gas or dust during the cutting process. If the cutting equipment is placed in a densely populated area, it will cause noise pollution. Although the efficiency is greatly increased after the digital control, the above factors This drawback still cannot be eliminated in the short term.

3. Flame CNC cutting machine

CNC flame cutting machine cutting equipment is more common in China. Due to the low cost of contracting, it is being installed After digital control, the cutting efficiency is greatly improved, and there is a greater cost advantage for the cutting ability of high-carbon steel. However, the cutting equipment has lower accuracy, slower speed, and higher scrap rate. It needs a longer time before use. Although the pre-heating time has changed after the fully automated operation is equipped, the potential for technology exploration is not large, and will gradually be replaced by the above-mentioned cutting equipment.

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