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Advantages of automatic CNC laser pipe cutting machine for cutting pipes

by:VENTECH     2022-03-05

There are currently two types of laser cutting machines for cutting pipes on the market, one is a fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine, and the other is a plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine. So which equipment should we choose for pipe cutting? Today we will talk about the advantages of CNC laser pipe cutting machine cutting pipes from a professional point of view:

The main function of the automatic laser pipe cutting machine is pipe cutting, which can process various metal pipes, such as stainless steel pipes, Iron pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, galvanized pipes, etc. Round pipes, square pipes, flat pipes, and even special-shaped pipes can be cut. It can also be used for cutting, perforating, beveling, 45-degree cutting, joint cutting, bevel cutting, hollow punching, etc.

  is also a laser pipe cutting machine, some sell 600,000, why some only sell 300,000? This is because the parts used are different, and the assembly process is also different. Important accessories such as lasers, cutting heads, and servo motors used in an excellent laser tube cutting machine can improve the processing efficiency of the equipment. Some manufacturers use domestic accessories in order to save production costs. Life span and work efficiency are also very different. In the assembly process, due to insufficient technical support. Insufficient experience in component debugging and installation has led to deviations in cutting accuracy and speed that cannot keep up. The equipment exhibits a state of fatigue after being used for a period of time.

Product introduction of YC-QG fiber laser tube cutting machine

The tube laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, no burrs, no slag on the front and back, and no black edges!

Pipe perforation: It can draw graphics patterns that need to be cut in the system of the equipment, which is suitable for perforation and cutting of various metal materials.

Suitable for all kinds of metal pipes: round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, oval pipes, etc.

Product features of YC-QG tube laser cutting machine

Pneumatic chuck, automatic center adjustment, stable clamping;

Segmented support structure, effective guarantee Support stability;

Intelligent operating system, support one-click import of cutting drawings, simple and convenient operation;

Integrated design, no secondary processing;

The cutting speed is fast, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The YC-QG automatic tube laser cutting machine adopts a more advanced automatic clamping chuck, which is suitable for different specifications and different types of tubes. The automatic clamping chuck used by the laser cutting machine can It realizes free movement in multiple directions, has a wider clamping area, and can easily cope with complex use environments. As a laser pipe cutting machine, it has a wide range of applications in the machining industry!

The second factor that determines how much a fiber laser pipe cutting machine is: the service after purchasing the equipment, when customers buy a laser pipe cutting machine, they cannot make a choice for many manufacturers in the market. Any excellent machine will have various problems that customers cannot solve by themselves. At this time, the manufacturer needs to provide timely and powerful technical support.

When purchasing a laser pipe cutting machine, users should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay more attention to the quality and after-sales service of the machine. If you often cut thin metal sheets below 5mm, then buying a 1000w fiber laser pipe cutting machine is sufficient. It is not that the greater the power, the more suitable, but the choice according to your needs.

Whether the fiber laser tube cutting machine is expensive depends on your workload and the value of buying a piece of equipment. If the workload is large, you can choose a high-power laser tube cutting machine. If the quantity is not large, it is possible to buy a low-power laser pipe cutting machine so that it can not only process the quality of the processed products, but also improve the power, mainly 'value for money'.

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