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A good helper in the automotive industry, the growth path of 3D laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-15

The automotive industry is one of the most widely used fields of laser processing, usually laser cutting and laser welding, where laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For some high-strength steel structural parts with complex contours, regardless of technology Angle is still economical, and 3D laser cutting is a very effective processing method.

In 1979, when the world's first 3D laser cutting machine came out, it could only cut automotive interior parts, but could not process metal stamping parts.

In the traditional trial-production stage, the trimming and hole-cutting of stamping parts can only be done by hand. Generally, at least two to three processes are required, the processing time is long, and manual processing cannot guarantee the repetition of the cut parts. Accuracy, it is difficult to meet the objective requirements of shorter and shorter vehicle development cycles.

In 1982, Prima Industries creatively integrated the capacitive sensor into the 3D laser cutting equipment, so that the machine tool can automatically 'adapt' to the error caused by the elastic deformation of the stamping parts, so that the 3D laser cutting technology is truly It has become a new precise and flexible processing method for car body processing.

The application of 3D laser cutting machine reduces mold investment, greatly shortens the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, and improves processing efficiency and precision of cutting workpieces. It is a supporting tool for automobile manufacturers and parts. A powerful tool for companies to improve their competitiveness.

One of the outstanding advantages of 3D laser processing is that it greatly reduces the production cost of the product. Assuming that a certain car needs 10 body panels, if a conventional die-cutting die is used for production, the cost of the required die is about 2 to 4 million U.S. dollars, and the man-day workload for all tooling preparation, design and debugging needs 25 Months. If 3D laser cutting equipment is used, the total cost of all cutting preparations is only 50,000 U.S. dollars, and the time required is only 50 days.

3D laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in the automotive industry, but the core component of the three-dimensional five-axis cutting head, due to reasons such as confidentiality and technical blockade, foreign companies hardly sell to the outside world, thus creating the current industry The equipment on the market mainly relies on imports. The equipment is not only expensive, but also has a long delivery time.

In order to improve product quality and processing efficiency, and reduce equipment investment and maintenance costs, there is an urgent need to develop laser cutting equipment suitable for high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency and precision processing of three-dimensional workpieces with complex curved surfaces. As a leading brand in laser cutting technology, HG Laser has successfully developed a three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting machine after years of independent innovation and technological research and development.

Recently, Huagong Laser launched the AUTOBOT series three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine for the automotive hot forming line industry. It achieves high-quality, high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of high-strength steel hot-formed parts without secondary processing. .

A three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine can complete tasks that can be completed by multiple processes such as traditional plasma manual cutting, trimming die, punching die, six-axis robotic three-dimensional cutting machine and wire cutting, which is truly intelligent , Flexible processing with multiple functions, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with the traditional Japanese carbon dioxide three-dimensional five-axis comprehensive efficiency 3 to 5 times higher, the use cost is more than doubled.

The innovation of tools has brought about the improvement of production efficiency and product quality. The growth of the 3D laser cutting machine is also a miniature of China's 'smart' manufacturing.

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