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Intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing


A control system composed of a computer and a PLC, controls actuators, servo systems, pneumatic components and other actuators, and assembles and manufactures product parts that need to be assembled and manufactured.

It is equipped with inspection equipment to detect the assembly process, and collects and records the intelligent assembly process, providing data support for problem traceability and assembly improvement.


Advantages of intelligent assembly: All special planes of the system adopt modular and standardized design, with automatic conveyor line, with workpiece pallet as carrier, tailored according to user's specific requirements, flexible integration, reliable and stable system operation. The following problems can be solved for the customer:


1. Realize “machine substitution”, reduce recruitment and save labor costs.

2. Unify the incoming material management standard, solve the problem of parts consistency in the production process, and improve the qualified rate of finished products.

3. Standardize process standards to improve product repeatability.

4. Promote the reform of the installation process and improve the installation process of the product.

5. Improve the level of automated assembly testing in the production workshop of the motor assembly company to attract more quality customers.

6. Improve the “disordered” disorder of material stacking at the production site, and automatically transport the materials through the logistics, so that the materials to be installed are discharged in an orderly manner, which is more conducive to on-site 6S management.

7. Establish a product production database and product traceability system, and carry out digital scientific management for each process.

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